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Hello ~ if you’re reading this page it might be because you need a little help with something from someone like me.

So WHY choose me when there are many others who can offer the same advise..?

Firstly, you can expect results.

At Better Self Solutions most people get results in their first session - so please know that you can expect this too.

Many people have said that they’ve seen counsellors, psychologists or mentors of some kind for years at a time, as many as 3 years to resolve a problem.

The maximum I have heard from a client, was 23 years on one issue!  The truth is a lot of those problems can be handled in ONE session.

I know this is due to the variety of methods and techniques I have been trained to use.

Let me give you an example of what I do;

Imagine you are sixteen years old and finding that the pressures of HSC and ATAR grades are becoming overwhelming.

Imagine if these emotions are further complicated by a relationship that is at times confusing and distracting...

Imagine discovering that you possess all the power you need yourself, to achieve clarity and balance. There is a way to find strategies and focus, using your own strengths. At Better Self Solutions we identify these areas and hit therapeutic targets with speed and ease.

Let me give another example;

Most people people think grief comes after the loss of a loved one yet ‘grief’ comes to us in many forms;
It can be as our kids grow and set off to preschool or high school or further, when they really leave the nest.

It can be as we move ourselves, from one age group to the next... We can grieve the loss of a parent or a pet or a job or a relationship with a friend or a lover. We can grieve the loss of a healthy part of our body. The list goes on.

We can carry the sense of grief sometimes without recognising it and yet have it bubble up and manifest in other ways.

Many emotions can be layered like this. Once keys are addressed, and we discover the beliefs that drag us down or prevent us from thriving, we can shift them completely.


More Info


More Info
Justine McLachlan

Justine McLachlan

I am a mother and a trained strategic psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and an NLP practitioner.

My passion is helping reduce the stress involved in travelling through life-shifts, those planned & unplanned events, small or large, that can shake us to our core. Set-backs that can leave us jangled or failing to thrive and sometimes gasping for breath.

There is a way through the maze, a way to turn confusion into clarity and fear into excitement. There is a method to remove anxiety and heart ache and other phobias or addictions.

It’s extremely effective. It is effortless and it is surprisingly fast!

You will see results. You will feel a return to yourself. You will be back in the driving seat, and in control of your happiness.

It’s time to discover that you can!

You can replace lack with abundance and shift the sense of overwhelm into one of strength and focus....

 It’s time to discover that you can!

There is a way through the maze, a way to turn confusion into clarity and fear into excitement.

There is a method to remove anxiety and heart ache...


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