NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

"We Choose" is also a principal of NLP, practised at Better Self Solutions.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming refers to your neurology (mind) and linguistics refers to your language - so your brain-talk, and Programming refers to how that neural language functions...

If for years we've referred to ourselves as "I'm just a person who..." then we are a perfect candidate for NLP because once there's even a small understanding of the language of your mind, you start to also recognise the patterns of communicating poorly with yourself.

Once we realise that our unconscious mind does what it does because it believes it's what we've "ordered", great inroads can be made to change those things that no longer serve us. Things you thought were stuck there forever because it's "just who you are..."

NLP provides practical ways in which you can change the way you think, view past events and approach your life. It is a discipline that shows there is a link between language and behaviour.

Once we learn how to use techniques to alter or resist that part of us that holds us back, we are free to really face and achieve our goals.

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